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GOLDEN COLLECTOR'S EDITION - 50 copies only - sealed and signed by the author, George E. Tudor-Boruzi


Allow us to introduce George E. Tudor-Boruzi's second book titled " British Colonial Passports", a highly illustrated album which reveals a very interesting and comprehensive selection of British colonial travel documents, such as passports, certificates of identity and admission, laissez-passers, travel permits. With a brief description and mainly visual, these highly prized collectibles and rare documents are presented in detail, as they were in circulation during the bygone age of the British Empire. The present collection consist of a large variety and types of British colonial passports issued  for over one hundred and seventy years, the oldest example being dated in 1829 during King George IV reign, others being given earlier when Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II were British monarchs. Of utmost importance and essence, from territorial aspect, all these travel documents cover a good number of British colonies, dominions, mandates, protected states, protectorates and overseas territories from Africa to Oceania.


Below you can find the list of British colonies, dominions, mandates, protected states, protectorates and overseas territories which serves also as a table of contents:



- Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Swaziland

- Sultanate of Egypt (British Protectorate) 
- Kingdom of Egypt (British Protected State) 
- Colony of the Gold Coast 

- Colony and Protectorate of Kenya 
- United Kingdom of Libya (State in alliance and friendship with Britain)  

- Colony of Mauritius 
- Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria 
- Federation of Nigeria 
- Rhodesia 
- Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 
- Northern Rhodesia 
- British South Africa Company in Southern Rhodesia 
- Southern Rhodesia 
- Colony of Seychelles 
- Sierra Leone Colony and Protectorate 
- British Somaliland Protectorate 
- South West Africa 
- Union of South Africa
- Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 
- Tanganyika Territory 
- Uganda Protectorate 
- Zanzibar Protectorate 



- Colony of Antigua  

- Colony of Bahamas  

- Colony of Barbados  

- Colony of Bermuda 

- Colony of British Honduras 

- Provinces of Canada  

- Dominion of Canada  

- Cayman Islands 

- Colony of the Falkland Islands 

- Colony of British Guiana

- Colony of Jamaica 
- Colony of the Leeward Islands  

- Colony of Montserrat  

- Dominion of Newfoundland  

- Colony of Saint Vincent 
- Colony of Trinidad and Tobago  

- Virgin Islands 



- Bahrain (British Protected State) 
- State of Brunei (British Protected State)
- Burma 
- Crown Colony of Ceylon 
- Dominion of Ceylon 
- Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd (State in alliance and friendship with Britain)  

- Colony of Hong Kong 
- East India Company 
- British Indian Empire 
- Kingdom of Iraq (under British Administration) 
- Protectorate of South Arabia Kathiri State of Seyun – Hadhramaut 
- Dominion of Pakistan 
- Mandatory Palestine 
- Qatar (British Protected State) 
- Sheikhdom of Kuwait (British Protected State) 
- Federated Malay States (British Protected State) 
- Federation of Malaya (British Protected State) 
- Imamate of Oman State (British Protected State) 
- Crown Colony of North Borneo 
- State of Sarawak 
- Crown Colony of Sarawak 
- State of Sheher and Makalla (State in alliance and friendship with Britain)

- Protectorate of South Arabia Qu’aiti State - Hadhramaut (Aden Protectorate)  

- Crown Colony of Singapore 
- Straits Settlements 
- Amirate of Trans-Jordan 
- Trucial States (British Protected State) 



- Colony of Gibraltar 
- Guernsey 
- United States of the Ionian Islands (British Protectorate)  

- Irish Free State 

- Isle of Man  

- Jersey 
- Colony of Malta 



- Commonwealth of Australia

- Colony of Fiji 
- Dominion of New Zealand 
- Territory of Papua and New Guinea 
- British Solomon Islands Protectorate  

- Kingdom of Tonga (British Protected State) 



- Hard cover album book;
- 488 glossy pages;
- Over 800 high definition document's images;
- Dimensions: 21cm(L) x 29cm(H) x 3cm(T);
- Weight: 2.150 Kg

British Colonial Passports - a comprehensive album & guide!!!

  • Specs:

    - Hard cover album book;

    - 488 glossy pages;

    - Over 800 HD document images;

    - Dimensions: 21cm(L) x 29cm(H) x 3cm(T);

    - Weight: 2.150 Kg

  • Courier shipping (DHL, UPS, GLS, DPD)

    If you'd like to have this book shipped to you by courier, please let us know before you place your order as to re-calculate the shipping fee.

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