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This amazing lot of documents is comprising, as follows:

- Germany 1933-1938 passport issued at Oberhausen for a student girl who travelled extensively to the United Kingdom with lots of UK residence visas given by the Home Office until 1936. Also, there are many financial authorizations for Lausanne, Switzerland for going to study, including Federal Bank of Lausanne money allowances in Swiss Francs. In 1936 she got a Foreigner Permit (Livret pour Etranger) by Foreigners Police in Lausanne.

- Nazi Germany 1938-1943 passport issued at Oberhausen of the same girl who was married as per stamped annotation in 1939.

- United Kingdom 1934-1935 certificate of registration for aliens issued by Hastings Borough Police. This student of languages entered 4th times into United Kingdom and contains many residence visas where she lived.

- Nazi Germany 1942 identification card (kennkarte) of the same lady issued at Hamburg.

- Germany 1936 driver license of the same lady issued at Oberhausen.

The provided pictures should be considered as part of the product description.

WW2 Nazi Germany 1933-1942 passports & other documents ~ see description

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