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That’s one of a kind mega rare travel document related to the horrific Holocaust during WW2. More than that, it’s a life saving document for a Jew student originally from Kaunas, Lithuania who somehow managed to escape to Switzerland and there it was issued this Swiss Nansen passport at Bern in Aug 9, 1945, practically one month before WW2 ended. He successfully got a British visa at Geneva in Aug 18, 1945 for going to British Palestine where he arrived in Sep 9, 1945.

It is well known and documented the SS Einsatzgruppen genocide made on Jewish population especially in the city of Kaunas.

Indeed, a very lucky young man!!!

The provided pictures should be considered as part of the item description.

WW2 Swiss Nansen 1945 passport ++INCREDIBLE HOLOCAUST DOCUMENT++ ~ see details

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