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Our website ( commits to safely and securely keeping your personal data (which you provide when a purchase is made or when you create an account on our website). Below you will find information regarding how your personal data is stored and used by us.

Your first consent regarding the use of cookies will allow us to use cookies on any of your website visits.


Up for collecting, usage and storage are the follow informations:

  • Data regarding your location, operating system, type & version of browser;

  • Data regarding the usage and visiting of our website, the length of these visits, recommendations, views and ways that you reached us;

  • Data regarding your e-mail address, which you submit when you create an account on our website or when you make a purchase from our website;

  • Data which you provide when you create an account on our website, such as full name, gender, birth date, e-mail address, shipping & billing address, phone number;

  • Data regarding your subscription to our newsletter, such as e-mail address;

  • Data you insert on our website, while browsing it;

  • Data you provide us in order to be utilized in our “Reviews” section, such as full name and provided pictures;

  • Data which result from any type of communication between you and us (wether it’s e-mail, phone, messages), including the content and metadata;

  • Any other data provided by you.

Before divulging any of your personal data to a third party, we remind you that you need the third party’s consent before doing so. This applies to both personal data and the usage of it, according to the present Confidentiality Policy.


The usage of personal data you provide by using our website will be strictly used as follows and in total concordance to the present policy:

  • Administering our website, business and the platforms affiliated to it (Facebook & Instagram, links can be found on the bottom of our front page);

  • Personalization of our website, in order for us to offer you complete services;

  • Authorization for usage of cookies on our website;

  • Supplying the purchased goods from our website and delivering them;

  • Billing, billing notification and collection of payments;

  • Commercial communication (marketing & newsletter) from which you can unsubscribe at any desired moment;

  • Sending notifications on e-mail regarding any action we take in processing and delivering your purchased goods;

  • Securing our website against frauds;

  • Verifying the compliance to our terms & conditions created for the usage of our website (including the monitoring of communications between you and the admin of our website and affiliated platforms, such as Facebook & Instagram);

  • For anything other than the above mentioned, in order for us to make sure that we provide a seamless experience to our website users. In this case, we will be notifying our users.

Your default confidentiality settings will not allow the publishing of personal data or any other data you provided on our website or affiliated platforms. If you want to change your confidentiality settings, please inform the admin of our website via e-mail at .

Personal data which you provide with the purpose of publishing it to our website or affiliated platforms will only be used as instructed by you.

Under no circumstance are we to divulge any of your personal data to third parties  for marketing purposes without requesting your consent first.


The above mentioned data can be divulged to our employees, professional advisors, agents, distributors or subcontractors, but only for the purposes establishes in the present policy or for one of the following reasons:

  • When the law requires us to do so;

  • In the eventuality of a present or future legal procedures between the present parties;

  • In order for us to exercise our self-defense rights (including the provision of data to third parties, with the purpose of preventing fraud and to reduce the credit risk);

The above mentioned are the only cases when we could divulge your personal data.


  • Data we collect can be stored, used and transferred to any of the countries which we operate in, in order for us to properly use the data, according to this policy;

  • Collected data can be transferred to any of the following states, which don’t have personal data protection laws equivalent to the ones from the European Economic Space (EES): USA, Russia, Japan, China and India. 

  • Personal data you publish on our website can be available worldwide on the internet. We cannot prevent the usage of this data by third parties, once you published it.

  • You completely understand and agree how international data transfer works and how our policy regulates this matter. 


Personal data you provided won’t be stored by us for any other reasons that the ones indicated in the present policy. Your personal data won’t be stored by us for longer than necessary. Exceptions:

  • In we are obliged by law to store your personal data;

  • In the eventuality these could be necessary in a legal procedure;

  • In order for us to exercise our self-defense rights (including the provision of data to third parties, with the purpose of preventing fraud and to reduce the credit risk).


We commit to technical and organizational precaution to prevent the loss, improper use or modifying your personal data.

Provided data will be stored on secure server (protected with password and through firewall).

All finalized transactions on our website are encrypted.

You acknowledge that transmitting your personal data on the internet is generally risky and we cannot guarantee for it.

You are responsible for not divulging the password you utilize when logging in to your account on our platform.


We reserve the right to modify our policies at any time. It’s your responsibility to consult it beforehand. You will be notified regarding any modification brought to the present policy.


You are entitled to soliciting the data we store on you, as long as you prove your identity. In this case, we will ask you to send us a legalized photocopy of your ID / passport / proof of address, certified.

We can retain the data you solicit only to the extent of the law.

You can solicit for the processing of your data to stop at any time.


Our client/user can create an account on our website at any time. We recommend doing so, as this will improve your experience on our website.

We will solicit the data mentioned previously (full name, address, shipping address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) with the sole purpose of processing your orders. Your refusal to collecting this data will lead to the impossibility to honor your orders.

We are committed to storing this data only in as described previously, without divulging it. The user can always ask us to erase his / hers data, acknowledging that we will no longer be able to honor his / hers orders.


Our website can contain links or hyperlinks leading to one or more websites. We do not take responsibility for their policies and methods to apply them. We are only responsible for our policies.


Please inform us anytime any of your personal data changes.


Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

Writing data to a cookie is usually done when a new webpage is loaded – for example after a ‘submit’ button is pressed the data handling page would be responsible for storing the values in a cookie. If the user has elected to disable cookies then the write operation will fail, and subsequent sites which rely on the cookie will either have to take a default action, or prompt the user to re-enter the information that would have been stored in the cookie.

Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another, or between sessions on related websites, without having to burden a server machine with massive amounts of data storage. Storing the data on the server without using cookies would also be problematic because it would be difficult to retrieve a particular user’s information without requiring a login on each visit to the website.

If there is a large amount of information to store, then a cookie can simply be used as a means to identify a given user so that further related information can be looked up on a server-side database. For example the first time a user visits a site they may choose a username which is stored in the cookie, and then provide data such as password, name, address, preferred font size, page layout, etc. – this information would all be stored on the database using the username as a key. Subsequently when the site is revisited the server will read the cookie to find the username, and then retrieve all the user’s information from the database without it having to be re-entered.

The time of expiry of a cookie can be set when the cookie is created. By default the cookie is destroyed when the current browser window is closed, but it can be made to persist for an arbitrary length of time after that.

There is a lot of concern about privacy and security on the internet. Cookies do not in themselves present a threat to privacy, since they can only be used to store information that the user has volunteered or that the web server already has. Whilst it is possible that this information could be made available to specific third party websites, this is no worse than storing it in a central database. If you are concerned that the information you provide to a webserver will not be treated as confidential then you should question whether you actually need to provide that information at all.

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