Just a few words about me and my passport collection…

First, I want to welcome all of you to this site, dedicated to my passport collection and take this opportunity to introduce myself as a passport collector who began this rather unusual collecting hobby more than 10 years ago.

Apart of being a collector of different types of travel documents such as passports, laissez-passers, identity certificates, etc. in time I became quite fascinated by what passports can show in terms of history, geography and genealogy. I therefore decided to begin researching a few interesting topics especially among these being the identity and travel documents issued for refugees and stateless persons.

Therefore, after intensive research and labour, I successfully published my first book, entitled “An Analysis of International Identity and Travel Documents for Refugees and Stateless Persons”.

Finally I am always eager to do exchanges with other fellow passport collectors and am interested in purchasing various passports and other types of travel documents which can enhance my collection.

George Eugen TUDOR

Enjoy my site!

George Eugen TUDOR

Passport Collector & Author